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Thank you for visiting the website of Jean Muir, an American girl who packed it all in to run off to Scotland.  I am now loving life in this beautiful but strange world and would love to share my journey of family, adventure and of course food!


During my first visit to Scotland in 1998, a casual pub conversation amongst my Scottish colleagues shifted from them trying to educate us Americans  in the finer nuances of the spectacularly gory nature of Scottish History,  to us asking (bloodbaths aside), what did they as Scots celebrate.  What was their Thanksgiving, their Fourth of July, what days or events did they set aside to just celebrate as Scots?  Well, little did I realise what a journey I would embark upon to satisfy that simple curiosity!


From the fantastic Up Helly Aa in Shetland, to the bizarre Burry Man of North Queensferry to the grandeur of the Border Ridings, I had the privilege to witness first hand just how extraordinary are celebrations in Scotland.  And of course, since there is no point in having a celebration without an accompanying feast, I have sought to provide the flavours and feelings of each event in my recipes so you can have your own celebrations – Scotland style!


I had the time of my life researching and attending these events and I hope that through this book I can bring some of that magic to you.




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Scotland - Celebrations & Soul Food

Jean Muir is an American who fell in love with Scotland. Scotland:

Celebrations & Soul Food is her love letter to the culture, festivals

and culinary riches of that great country.  Combining food and

history, Jean focuses on the many unique events and celebrations

within Scotland, describing the folklore, traditions and food...

scotland, celebrations and soul food Jean Muir author